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And the rating is…

So I have really enjoyed all four of the tools I choose to check out for my major project. So now it’s time to rate and review them for you.

I asked students which of these four was their favourite and here are the results:

10/29 said Seesaw

9/29 said Flipgrid

6/29 said Formative

4/29 said Biblionasium

This makes all four apps a winner if my books because there are students who love each of them.

I also had students rate each app out of 4. It was sad and shocking that students rated Biblionasium so low overall, yet 4 students loved it the most out of our 4 choices. I think if we had started using Biblionasium at the beginning of the year this rating would be higher. Throughout the year students were keeping track of books on paper and recommending books to classmates through word of mouth, a recommendation bulletin board and Seesaw posts. Next year I will definitely start the year using it and integrate it even more to help promote a community of readers in my classroom. Before asking students I predicted that students would rate Seesaw the highest then Flipgrid, so the results were very intriguing.

Both the students and I found all of these apps pretty easy to use, with Seesaw being the easiest and most user friendly.

After checking out each of their privacy policies and terms of use I found that each of the apps were pretty safe and secure, but SeeSaw seems to be the most locked down for data.

I would recommend each app to other teachers and will definitely continue to use each of the apps with my students. Seesaw has so many options for students and all of the new options I have as an Ambassador make Seesaw even better. Flipgrid is very motivating to my students, so it’s a great choice for teacher’s especially if they aren’t using Seesaw so that students can share their learning through video. Formative is such a great assessment tool, which makes it great for students and teachers. I love Goodreads as an adult, so finding a student friendly app like it is awesome making it a great choice to grow reading communities before students are able to use Goodreads.

If classrooms don’t have 1 to 1 devices then I would suggest Seesaw and Flipgrid as these easily be used when sharing devices among students or even among classes.


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