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How Do I Love Thee…These Apps

I am loving all the ways that Seesaw, Flipgrid, Biblionasium, and Formative (GoFormative) can be used in the classroom.


  1. App smashing, especially with PicCollage to create visual representations of our learning such as our snapshots of our Easter break and our booksnaps about the books we read.

2. I love giving students a prompt or question and allowing them the choice in how they want to show their understanding.

3. I love allowing peers and families to like and comment on student work, providing positive feedback to students.


  1. I can provide instant and timely feedback to students either providing answers and having Formative mark for me or by typing in feedback and marks. In this case, I had typed in 12 as the answer. I was able to do a quick check to see who got it right and change the mark for the student who provided more than 12 as the answer. This way I could correct the mark quickly so that student knew that they too got the correct answer to the math question.

2. Doing quick check-ins with my students that I can see all in one place.

3. Reviewing work with the whole class on the project, while still keeping students work anonymous.


We haven’t used this tool as much, as Seesaw already has a video option. We are going to start using this option more when we start connecting with others outside of our classroom.

  1. I love that you have the option to password protect your grid

2. You can provide both video and written instructions for students.

3. Students love to take selfies for the video covers and decorate their selfie with doodles and stickers

***We haven’t done this yet, but I can’t wait to have students create video responses to each others videos. We have done would you rather questions for math, so this week we will add another dimension and have students video respond explaining why they agree or disagree with the original video response by providing evidence to back up their own opinion.


  1. Quick book reviews and recommends to share with classmates. Optional sentence stems are even given so students can just fill in the blanks if they want. They can recommend a book to specific classmate, a few classmates, or to the whole class.

2. Students can earn badges and so many students love to earn digital badges, especially my video gamers. They keep adding to their shelves to see what other badges they will earn.

3. Students can track their 40 book challenge progress

Now for some wonderful ideas from my PLN on twitter:


  1. Using Seesaw to share students’ learning with others in their school using QR codes

@seesaw sharing our learning with this interactive bulletin board!

2. App smashing to create comic books about important vocabulary that students are learning

3. App smashing to create reporter scenes about what students are learning.


  1. Using Flipgrid to let students explain their thinking, such as these math explanations
2. Connecting with other classrooms and students to become vlogging pen pals. I can’t wait to try this with my class!

3. Connecting with experts, where students get to ask questions and learn from experts in a variety of fields such as the music one below. I look forward to trying one of these connections with my class.


  1. App smashing to create escape rooms to increase student engagement in learning

  2. Using and adapting tasks that others have created

  3. Ideas for app smashing using Formative


  1. Students can share their bookshelves just like adults do on Goodreads.

2. Checking out the top 10 rated books each week and seeing if we have read them as well as adding them to our TBR lists

3. Checking out books recommended by Biblionasium


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